Built to foster peace, serenity of dharma, and bliss of tranquility, Siri Wattana Wisut Forest Monastery of Her Royal Highness is located on Khok Paen Mountain, Baan Khao Khok Paen, Tambon Tumnop, Amphor Tha Tako, Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand. Originally taking up ninety-six rais, two ngans, and 232 square meters, the Monastery was built in 1984 as a monk retreat center called Saenasanorpa Siri Wattana Wisut. It became officially established as wat on October 22, 2004, and it held a formal ubosot consecration ceremony on June 2, 2005.
Venerable Master Phra Brahmavajirakorn (Sunthorn Suntharapo) began designing and building the Forest Monastery of Her Royal Highness as homage to Most Venerable Somdej Phra Mahaweerawong (Win Thammasarathera, B.T. 9), his ordination master and teacher and the former abbot of Wat Ratchapatikaram. In addition, in building the Forest Monastery of Her Royal Highness, Phra Brahmavajirakorn wants to foster respect and loyalty for the country, religion, and monarchy, the Three Pillars that make Thailand unique.

Objects and architecture of the Forest Monastery of Her Royal Highness embed Buddhist wisdom, which can help visitors break free from defilements and suffering/discontentment. Moreover, the Monastery aims to help visitors recognize Thai national and cultural distinctions, so they can better understand what is distinct about the Thai people and what makes their culture unique.


Phra Brahmavajirakorn

Phra Kru Wichitsilapon
Acting Abbot

Annual Events